Interactive Overview of the Laravel Framework

Interactive Overview of the Laravel Framework

on Wednesday November 22nd 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

Yowza, we had our inaugural York Region Laravel meet-up.

I know, I know. Just one person showed up. A mere three people RSVP'd (plus me) and two of the three had to cancel. So, the meet-up was a failure, right? WRONG!

Last year when we started the York Region PHP meet-up group, who showed up for that inaugural meet-up? The wonderful people who were at the predecessor group that discontinued. This fabulous core of local devs were -- and are -- so keen on having a local PHP group of their very own that they made sure that they were at that first meet-up. And they have been at each meet-up ever since.

Who RSVP'd and came out for the first YRL meet-up? York Region PHP regulars. We are blessed to have the one group "seed" the new group.

It is unfortunate that we had cancellations. OTOH, Jean enjoyed a 2-1/2 hour personal one-on-one go-through. We chatted, we went over Laravel's doc and GitHub repos, we enjoyed the speed skating practice, we sipped our Second Cup drinks, and we said hello to children in hockey gear walking into the room looking for their parents. Very casual!

So, the York Region Laravel meet-up group is here! Come on out to our next meet-up and introduce yourself.

Sites to Note:

Sites mentioned during the presentations, and some related sites I threw in...

Special Thank You

A special thank you to Ian Landsman for giving us Laracon Online 2018 tickets to raffle. All four people who RSVP'd have tickets. Two of us already purchased early bird tickets, and the other two now have tickets thanks to Ian.
Hear Ian talk about last year's Laracon Online (the first one) at Episode 31 of the Laravel News Podcast.

Meetup at Newmarket's Magna Centre






Meet-up Overview:

I am thrilled to announce the first ever York Region Laravel meet-up on Wednesday November 22nd at the Magna Centre, in the "Multiple Purpose Room #1" (main floor adjacent to the east entrance).

We are holding meet-ups bi-monthly.

I will do an interactive overview of Laravel, mostly as I promised to do one for the York Region PHP Group at the end of last season but I had to cancel. Please bring your laptop!

We ended up having quite a little discussion at the October York Region PHP meet-up yesterday about having a working development environment set-up on your laptop before coming to the YR Laravel meet-up. So we can spend our time going over the Laravel Framework, please have your laptop prepared with the LAMP stack, plus have git and composer installed. You need PHP 7.x.

I agree with the idea that we should devote our first meet-up to setting up a development environment. However, I think we should push ahead and dive right into the Laravel overview.

Our discussion yesterday was focused on a local development environment. However, it might be easier for some people to come to the meet-up with a dev environment in the cloud.

If you want to try setting up a dev environment in the cloud, my suggestion is to sign up for a 5 day trial of
Laravel Forge. Use Forge to spin up a Digital Ocean droplet. PLEASE USE THE $10usd/month DROPLET, as the $5usd/month droplet's RAM may prove insufficient. So Forge is free with the trial, and DO will cost about $3CDN to $4CDN for a week's server instance. Then, make sure you can SSH into your droplet from your laptop. The one glaring issue with this approach is that you really do need a domain, and that you need to point your droplet's IP to your domain. The advantage of Forge is that it will set up your droplet so you do not have to set up the LAMP stack yourself (yes, it's really the NAMP stack). You can even set up your database in Forge. The disadvantage of my suggestion is that you still have to mess around setting up a dev environment, and you'll end up having to push your local changes to a GitHub (or GitLab or...) repo to deploy to your droplet.

Or come on down without your laptop and we'll pair you up with someone who did. This is our first meet-up, but we have 40 artisans on so I'm hopeful for a good turnout!

Looking forward to meeting you on Nov 22nd!

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